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Whether We're Shooting a Local Wedding or a

Corporate Event, We Provide the Same Great Service


When you choose SkonZac Photography, you know your images will look great. Based in Peterlee, County Durham, we offer a full range of photography services across the North East of England. Whether we're shooting a local wedding or a corporate event, we provide the same great service and breathtaking results.

David Williams

Personable & Professional

Our photographer, David Williams, is equally comfortable talking to the head of BT™ and the newlyweds next door. His clients feel comfortable and relaxed around him, which ensures they look their best in the photographs. Previous clients have been over the moon with the results he has achieved and impressed by the amount and time and effort he puts into every job.


'I am very impressed by your pictures - you should be very pleased with yourself. You show an understanding of the technical side of things and also a great deal of imagination and understanding of composition. Your timing is also very good.'

'I was quite genuine when I told you that you do have a naturally good eye and it should be used.'
-Philip Dunn - Award winning and widely published